The Heights Community Garden

May 2016
A community garden was successfully built and the build weekend was amazing! So many incredible volunteers helped build 21 garden beds, a huge feature bed, a shed, and a compost.
January 2016
A year year was spent researching and planning the entire project and submitted a project request to the City Of Edmonton. The committee secured a total of $2,500 through grants, fundraising and donations.
January 2015
Held a Pancake & Skate event where $350 was raised. Thank you to our community!
August 2014
Formed a community garden committe, discussed meeting schedule, compiled the beginning vision and mission statement, and possible locations for the garden.
July 2014
Interested citizens participated in a Garden Bike Tour hosted by Sustainable Food Edmonton. This tour took everyone to multiple community garden sites where garden coordinators took everyone on a garden tour and answered questions.
June 2014
Sustainable Food Edmonton held a starter workshop at the hall to educate everyone about what is involved with starting a community garden.
Tuesdays from 7-9pm at the Community League, please view the calendar for dates. Everyone is welcome!
Garden documents can be found here.  Contact us at Garden@ForestTerrace.org





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