The Heights Community Garden

2017 Growing Season - Again, all of our community plots were rented out. Some returning gardeners, some new gardeners. We relocated the shed, mulched around the shed and the compost this year. One of our gardeners took responsibility for the communal garden plot in the shape of an H, for Heights. This plot was filled with perennials, annuals and even some vegetables. It was stunning when in full bloom. Thank you, Suzanne, for all your hard work! We did experience some theft and are working on ways to combat that for the future. Additionally, we are in the beginning stages of planning an expansion for spring 2019. If you're interested in joining the committee, please email Garden@ForestTerrace.org. We are looking to replace our Garden Coordinator, thank you Cheryl for a great year!

2016 - All of our community plots were rented out for the season and we saw so many different ways to organize a garden plot. We managed to complete the shed build, mulch in between all of the plots and build a compost. The garden brought so many community members together, even community members that had no interest in a garden plot. Regularly, community members walked through the garden and some even used the picnic tables for a family picnic.

A community garden was successfully built in May and the build weekend was amazing! So many incredible volunteers helped build 21 garden beds, a huge feature bed, a shed, and a compost.

A year was spent researching and planning the entire project and submitted a project request to the City Of Edmonton. The committee secured a total of $2,500 through grants, fundraising and donations.

January 2015 - Held a Pancake & Skate event where $350 was raised while we continued to plan and organize.

2014 - Formed a community garden committee, discussed meeting schedule, compiled the beginning vision and mission statement, and possible locations for the garden.

Interested citizens participated in a Garden Bike Tour hosted by Sustainable Food Edmonton in July. This tour took everyone to multiple community garden sites where garden coordinators took everyone on a garden tour and answered questions.

Sustainable Food Edmonton held a starter workshop at the hall to educate everyone about what is involved with starting a community garden in June.

Meetings - Monthly on Tuesdays at 6:30pm at the Community League (10150-80 St), please view the calendar for upcoming dates. Everyone is welcome and we're always looking for additional volunteers! Contact us at Garden@ForestTerrace.org




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