High Fitness

Come join Layton for an hour long HIGH-intensity cardio workout. High Fitness has choreographed workout moves to upbeat popular music that you will know and love. Your heart will be pumping as we take you through intervals of cardio tracks as well as toning, barre, ab & arm tracks. High Fitness combines old school aerobic with new techniques to guarantee a class that we will leave you sweating and smiling.

Layton Byam is a young university student who has a contagious energy and drive. He is excited to be able to share his love for this amazing program through teaching at the Forest Terrace Heights community league. He is studying to be a psychologist and hopes to help individuals become happier through physical activity and health practices. Layton has been teaching High Fitness for just under a year, but has taught and ran classes in Calgary, Southern Alberta, and now Edmonton. He stands out among the crowd of other High instructors being Canada's only Male instructor.

The regular 6-week session will start again on Oct. 25th and runs to Nov. 29th from 730-830pm

Register online: 
Contact Layton at highfitguy@gmail.com for High Fitness questions and programs@forestterrace.org for any registration issues.


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